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Persian Carpet Clinic

Two generations of scientific and practical experience in repair, cleaning and renovating of Persian rugs.

Specialist Cleaning of all types of Natural Wool & Silk Rugs

  • Persian rugs
  • Chinese Silks
  • Baluch Prayer Rugs
  • Turkish Kilims
  • French Aubussons
  • Antique persian
  • oriental carpets

Cleaning Process of Persian Carpet:

1.Before the process of washing, firstly we sweep (vacuum clean) the rug front and back, so it could remove the dust and particles to help the final stage of the cleaning.


2. In Persian Carpet Clinic, your carpet will be hand washed with soap and water and after that it will be allowed to dry naturally. As result of this wash carpets pile which have been attached together for many years because of various pollution (such as fat, sugar and etc,) will be opened widely and it will allow our special vacuum cleaner to remove the small particles from the depth of carpet. After the initial cleaning, we will use special vibrating machine which will remove the final hidden particles from your rug. At this stage it will be possible for our experts to inspect every corner of the Persian or Oriental rug which might require further attention. You should note that all washing materials and stain removals in Persian Carpet Clinic are environmentally friendly and they are not harmful for any Persian or other type of carpet/rugs.

3. Removal of stains like fat, red wine, coffee, animal urine, and etc.

4. Regaining the original colour of the rug which has been damaged by either

overcoming dryness and brittleness of carpet. (dryness and brittleness cause the start of rot)


After removal of all stains, your carpet will be elevated to its former glory.

Please note if your carpet/rug been left in humid environment it will become fragile, and if ignored your carpet could decay. Our experts will inspect fully every corner of your rug and if they discover any other issues which might need attention, our skilful experts will resolve the problem immediately and will return your rug the way you had instructed us, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

After completing the process of cleaning if any repairs required, then we will pass the rug to our dedicated experts to ascertain and rectify the problem.   


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Persian carpet

    Persian carpet is a wof art; therefore it is not just


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Professional washing of Persian rugs requires in depth knowledge.…