Persian Carpet Clinic

Persian Carpet Clinic is run by A Team of professionals. Who have built up an impeccable reputation throughout UK, Iran, and the Netherlands. As one of the most experienced, qualified and dedicated carpet & rug care professionals in their industry.


How did we build such a great reputation?

For years the specialist rug care industry has been near non-existent in the UK with the availability of the correct way to carry out safe and effective cleaning and repairs, seriously lacking behind other parts of the world. After working at some of the largest specialist rug cleaning and repair plants abroad, we decided to close the gap and invested in proper equipment and professional people and become one of the most advanced rug renovation company in UK. As a team we can now boast the safest and most effective rug care service in the country with carpets being sent to us from all over the world.

We claim to be the best rug care specialists in UK.

Professional cleaning and repairing of Persian rug requires in depth knowledge and understanding of the materials used and place and date of production.

Speaking to any of our clients and they will confirm, that our customer service is one of the friendliest and most personal you will ever experience. We completely respect our client’s wishes, and provide them with all the help, information’s and advice they might require. Our motto is,(if is possible, it’s not Impossible).


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Persian carpet

    Persian carpet is a wof art; therefore it is not just


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Professional washing of Persian rugs requires in depth knowledge.…