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During the last 100 hundred years many museums around the world have shown the Persian rugs as an artistic work to visitors who admire beauty and elegance of Persian hand craft. Over the years the owners of Persian carpets gradually have realised their gems are not only ordinary carpet just for covering floors, but also it has historic and monetary values and meanings.

The artistic value of the Persian Carpet for its owners has exactly the same value of famous paintings on the wall around the world. The retailers of the Persian carpet have been told on many occasions by their customers that;

"When we stare deeply into any of the Persian carpets, it lifts up our spirits straightway; Persian carpet is like an artistic painting on the floor. It is like a good wine which gets better by age. We also admire the talented people who have created such a beautiful  artistic creation".


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Persian carpet

    Persian carpet is a wof art; therefore it is not just


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Professional washing of Persian rugs requires in depth knowledge.…