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Scientific and Practical Experience

Persian Carpet Clinic relies on scientific and practical experience of two generations in carpet cleaning and repair. We have the best masters in their chosen field with access to raw rug materials in Iran and Turkey.

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Over time, your fine Oriental rug may need some repair or restoration. You start to see signs of wear. Occasionally you might incur a tear, a moth hole or a burn. You may even notice that your fringe is starting to unravel.
But don’t worry, our expert team can restore your fine antique rug to its original beauty. We can repair all types of rug damage by reweaving the damaged section of your carpet with wool yarn of a matching color.

Rug Repair Expertise
Our talented Oriental rug repair team can perform a variety of repair and restoration services on your fine rug including:
• repair moth damage
• fix burn holes 
• repair fraying 
• hand fringing
• reweaving
• patching of holes and tears
• recoloring of worn areas
• size reduction
• sew sleeves on back for hanging
• repair curled sides
• selvedging
• overcasting 

Each Oriental carpet or area rug that comes into our warehouse for cleaning gets a thorough inspection for damaged areas. We’ll call you with a cost estimate before any work is begun.


We Guarantee Our Qualities and Prices


If required we can also provide you with a replacement of your rug, similar to yours, while is still under renovation.

We provide a free delivery service from all over the UK.

Persian Carpet

Persian carpet is a work of art; therefore it is not just used for covering the floor.

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Persian carpet

    Persian carpet is a wof art; therefore it is not just


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Professional washing of Persian rugs requires in depth knowledge.…


A Work of ART

Persian rug is a kind of artistic work which is elegantly; hand crafted completed and shines as a masterpiece.

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